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Grant Dejonge

Art Gallery

Looking down the chalk path from the beacon  £750

The Chalk Path to the Beacon £365

33 x 23cm 

Crosssroads On The South Downs Way £380 31cm x 48 cm

Cherry Tree With Garden Shed £375

41 x 29 cm framed painting

Last Light £325

33 x 23 cm framed in grey painted wood

left September Sunflowers

80 x 60 cms  £1050 

Large framed painting.

please email for additional images

Yellow Sunrise £325

33 x 23cm framed in grey painted wood 

Large framed south downs landscape

Flower Sun £695 framed painting





Nichola Campbell

Meadowlands £245

22.5 x 26cm ink and acrylic 'Framescape'

Illuminations £245

ink 'framescape'

Evening Storm £165

19.5 x 23 cm inkand acrylic 'Framescape'

The Shortest Night £165)

19.5 x 23 cm ink and acrylic 'Framescape'

Sunlight over the Downs £185
30cm x 19cm ink and acrylic 'Framescape'
Deserted £165
19.5 x 23 cms ink and acrylic 'Framescape'

Bloomshire £850

54 x 54cm, mixed media collage

For All Garden Lovers 72 700 Nichola Cam

For All Garden Lovers, 2015

Prints available (£245 full size, £95 half size)

Fruit_Punch_At Mr_Nicholson's_NicholaCam

Fruit Punch At Mr Nicholson's, 2016

Prints available (£245 full size, £95 half size)

Blossom Branches Nichola Campbell 72 700

Blossom Branches, 2016

Prints available (£245 full size, £95 half size)


The Shell Garden, 2016

Prints available (£245 full size, £95 half size)

Way Through The Flowers, 2016

Prints available (£245 full size, £95 half size)

Jessica Ford

Ren £1400

1m x1m textured paint and acrylic on canvas, white washed wood frame

Caroline Wright

Coral Sea £175
32.5cm x 32.5cm framed 

Sparkling Crystal Wave SOLD

Beach Dream SOLD

36.5 x 36.5 cm acrylic on canvas with resin finish

Tipperley Hill

Blossom and roses £600

Flowers in a blue room £400

Karen Birchwood


Reflections 4 £575
35x90cm acrylic painting


Reflections 5 £575
35x90cm acrylic painting

Naomi Munuo/Munuo Holland Artist Group

Limited Edition Screenprint £290

Limited Edition Screenprint £290

Flo Snook

Cottage at Cuckmere Haven
Iford Pines 4x2ft'
Large Painting £795
Flo Snook Barbican Gate, Lewes Castle
Seven Sisters A4 Landscape
Textile Print - Blue Grey Linen £89
Brighton Pavilion Gates 19x29in
Large Textile Print - Emerald green Linen £165
Textile print 168_ grey blue linen_ Brig
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Melanie Hodge


Cottage By The Sea £200

10 x 10cm, framed reverse painting on glass

Paul Goldfinch

Dublin £585

83 x 63cm collage on board

Sean And Matilda £550

73 x 53cm collage on board

The End of The world As We Know It (And I Don't Mind) £620

Hilary Steel

Temple Barbaro Maser (Palladio) £325

Victoria & Albert Museum Doorway £375

Moira Mcnair

Looking Out £325

In Liguria £380

White Church Iceland £300

Black Church Iceland £300

Noel Clegg


Huddle, Pease Pottage £450

Black and white limited edition framed photographic print

Ensemble, Mannings Heath £450

Black and white limited edition framed photographic print

Jill Iliffe

Handmade Teal Glass Dish - 19.5cm x 19.5cm

Handmade Blue Glass Dish - 19.5cm x 19.5cm

Crab Apple, Lingfield £325

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